ARTIST'S STATEMENT - The Texture of Light and Love

Yellow brings out the sunshine in all other colors; yellow into blue, yellow into red, yellow into green, and so on. I love to swirl these colors of acrylic paint and then give the painting structure with vertical and horizontal strokes.

Flowers inspiring color (Joy), antique vases (water source-womb) or trees (structure) are where the paintings begin. These represent essential human needs for health. It represents what I also wish to say and that is that inside (depth) each person there is a rising sun (light) and a setting sun to be nurtured and cared for.

Once I have painted an under-painting of a plant, flower and vase; I then paint “relief” forms with gel or modeling pastes that are twisted, folded and twined on the surface to create textures and form. Painting tools such as palette knives, spatulas, brushes, fingers cultivate or “pull” the colors into place. The painting process is a journey of glazes, rubbing away wet paint on dried mediums, brushing color with color until a compatible and luminous mix arrives. It is like digging in the garden where I find unexpected textures beneath. Wide warp and weft brush strokes vertically and horizontally weave more into the fabric of the painting like a lattice fence supporting vines that emerge and grow. This is essential to the life and surface of the painting.

Painting is like planting seeds that grow into strong healthy plants; allowing for greater perspective and depth in the paintings. The final painting is enhanced by diffused Sun rays (light) that vibrate and change.

My passion is to offer a sense of place, inspired by nature. Being human is to be a part of nature and not separate from it.