Look at the picture. Everyone notices something different or can be touched by the same thing. There is a voice recording to go with this story that is about feeling calm and being taken into an imaginary walk into the picture.

This painting is about a little red-haired girl named Catrina, who is struck by what she sees across the lake. She has a little black dog called sparky. Sparky notices the scent of grass and water. He hears leaves whispering in the wind.

The door in the tree behind them. That door opens to a mystery and magic.

1. What do you think the girl is looking at?

2. What do you see?
   - Do you see something in the sky? In the trees? The water? What would    you like to see if you don’t?

3. What do you imagine is behind the door of the tree that Catrina and Sparky are not looking at?

4. Now take the time to breath in 3 breaths. Close your eyes and let your thoughts or visions just come to you.

5. Think and look differently with your own imagination. You could write your own poem with whatever comes to mind. Not being concerned about the result being right or wrong. Just words that come to you. All writing begins with words.

6. Try an 11-word poem perhaps.

First line is one word.
Second line is two words.
Third line is three words as a question.
Fourth is four words and is the answer.
Fifth line is one word.

The whole poem is shaped like a triangle.

7. Drawing or painting your own image inspired by this painting by just whatever your hand and brush or pencil does.

8. A poem can start with Once Upon a Time which suits this painting. Or it could start with I Am.

9. Notice how you feel now. Try writing I am lots of times with whatever words come out. After awhile it’s about how your body feels more than being stuck in your head. It is calming to repeat over and over the same thing or I am curious, I am angry, I am terrific, I am so confused, I am stupid, I am kind, and keep going until you’ve filled a page, or two, or three!

Nancy Corrigan, M.A. Expressive Art Therapy

Artist/Art Mentor